#305 – “Long Time no Tree”

Hey, wow, okay, uhm. What’s with the delay, right? I’m not going to bore you with a whole lot of details, but suffice it to say I’ve been quite busy and haven’t really feeling all that well – neither of these have really been addressed, but the former has managed to distract me somewhat from the latter; I’ve still had some marked difficulties trying to focus enough on a script to get the words to come out. Seeing how I actually had to badger a friend of mine to get some last lines in place for this page, I’m not sure to what extents future pages will have an easy time to make an appearance or not.

So I’m not gone and I’m not done, but I have a few issues that I need to sort out and so far the actual sorting part of that has been… frustrated. I’ll see if I can get another done for next weekend, but yeah.


#304 – “Groove of the Ancients”

Stopping by Onu is one of those things that almost didn’t happen – it didn’t strike me as an essential stop, and I’ve felt a tad anxious to finally get this ponderous story arc moving towards its inevitable conclusion. That said, a friend of mine convinced me that Onu isn’t only Awesome, but also held a great deal of potential both for Areen’s continous culture shock and a few other elements, so he ended up getting a visit anyway. It does mean he’ll end up eating a few more pages than I might like, but it should be largely an improvement regardless.


#303 – “Fawntastic Deerscription”


#302 – “Fawning Adoration”

Aah, the great outdoors.

Some models are more fun to work with than others – they might have one of those faces which are just expressive, or have a good base topology to work from, or are simply nice and uncomplicated to do a quick rig of. Dryads are none of these things – making use of them is like an uphill battle against their low resolution, messy and fixed expression texture, their very low poly bodies and even their centaur-esque skeletal structure. I did a “quick” (about 4-5 hours) rig to get some actual poses out of her, and I immediately found myself with the conondrum of whether to treat the front legs as an extra pair of arms, or the hind legs as an extra pair of legs, either with their share of advantages and disadvantages.

Ultimately, I went with the latter solution.


#301 – “Outreach”

The dialogue for this page took surprisingly long to write – I had a rough idea, but the specific choice of lines and their interplay were somewhat more resistant, and it actually took me several hours trying to bounce various lines off of eachother before I had a result that I was happy enough with. Though in hindsight, having multiple conversations taking place at the same time might not have been the brightest of ideas. But oh well.


#300 – “This is Sirius”

For awhile I considered coming up with some form of look eslewhere for this page, seeing its number, buuut… I couldn’t really come up with anything that felt like it made sense within the narrative context and still worked as a regularely numbered page. So instead you get random travel page.

It was actually a friend of mine that suggested I include a page of Areen and Dagri… talking. I liked the idea enough to make it happen.


#299 – “All in the Name”

It took me some time of thinking before I decided how exactly to handle introductions because let’s face it – we don’t need them, we already know who all of these characters are. The same isn’t necessarily the case about the characters themselves, though – while Raene and Te’len have met, they haven’t exactly spoken, and Areen haven’t been in Night elven lands ever, so she definitely doesn’t know anyone there outside of the group. At the same time, I couldn’t really put the introductions at the start because there was a much more important discussion that had to take precedent there.

At the end of the day, it struck me that it most likely would simply never occur to Hani that introductions would be necessary – since she clearly knows everyone present and they all know her, that’s all people accounted for. Besides, they have places to get to. Of course, once made to think about it, she’d also recognize who actually knows who and work from there.


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