#07 – “Not Some Simple Jest”


Yes, more inscheduled irregularities in the schedule, I know. I’ve been feeling rather empty on ideas lately and I’d rather not try to push something out simply for the sake of pushing – ideas should have space to appear and develop naturally, though I do hope doing so will become easier as it becomes more of a habit.

So, comic. The ghost “effect” took more trying to acomplish than I expected – partially the reason why it’s slightly inconsistent. Apparently 3D studio considered the entire ghost invisible at certain transclucency ratios. On a flip note, I wanted to try the talking heads concept atleast a little – both so the character expressions could actually be somewhat visible for once, aswell as working on figuring a few more cinematic takes on things. Discovering what the medium can do and how things can be presented, such.


1 Response to “#07 – “Not Some Simple Jest””

  1. September 5, 2011 at 07:36

    To be fair that one didn’t stand a ghost of a chance.

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