#15 – Intermission: “A Different Kind of Burning”


So, intermission, marked such because it’s a bit stretching towards character and continuity that Tiny’d be aware of the names of the top dogs in the Burning Legion, or their masterminding the Orcs arrival on Azeroth. Also another later-in-the-day update I know, with all the information and rumours and speculation and discussion going on about the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, my overall giddyness have been inhibiting most of my concentration. Wrath sounds like it will defenately be awesome, so I can scarcely wait for them to finish it.

For interesting trivia, while that is the model for Archimonde, neither Manaroth nor Sargeras have shown their faces in World of Warcraft so far, so it’s actually Magtheridon and a random Titan with the horns of a succubus added standing in for them. Furthermore, the tower of Althalaxx is standing in for the Twisting Nether (now why the twisting nether would look like the insides of an ominous tower I have no idea). This is actually the second time I make this intermission – the first incarnation was for the old Misadventures line and was significantly less expressive.


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