#18 – “Prior Aquaintances”


I’ve kindof been looking forward to this point in the plot for some time – while our core duo are perfectly capable of interacting with the world on their own, it’s only when contrasted with someone with atleast some degree of normalcy that you can really see how odd and downright absurd they are at times. It also conveniently feeds us with a great deal of conclusions – both hinted and obvious – about our duo and where they’re from.

Te’len does have the same poseability as Hani and Tiny do – excluding the fact that the skirt limits her somewhat (it doesn’t really follow leg bones nicely) and she is an important member of the cast and plot as things develop. That said, she’s defined as a supporting cast member rather than a core cast member so she won’t necessarily always be around, but she’s defenately more present than extras or cameos. Yes, I know, another elf. She’s important, though, because she can tell us (or show us) alot about our primary cast in a very quick succession, aswell as provide that hushed voice of reason.


2 Responses to “#18 – “Prior Aquaintances””

  1. 1 Yerdiss
    June 2, 2008 at 17:49

    How amusing. While I was referencing the Oxford dictionary in order to prepare for being a good and utterly annoying person (in that I was about to correct your spelling), I found out I myself misspelled the word I was to wag my finger about at you.

    For lore and glory.

    The Grolly

  2. 2 Kompi
    June 2, 2008 at 18:58

    Duly noted :> Maybe I’ll even remember the correct spelling next time I make use of the word (as if!)

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