#22 – “It’s Unfathomably Deep”


So Te’len returns to Maestra’s Post and the duo are once more on their own. If you’ve grown to like her presence, don’t worry – she’ll be back in due time; if you thought she was annoying, atleast you won’t have to see her for awhile! I felt it was important for the duo to tackle their first dungeon crawl of sorts on their own – this way they only have their own skill, cunning and overall wit to rely on and noone to help cover for eventual slip-ups. Furthermore it points out that – exempting the duo – most people in the Beyond the Tree universe don’t willingly put their life on the line without a cause they find worth fighting for – or atleast likely enough to succeed.

I have several supporting cast members beyond Te’len planned (three more for the first story arc, to be exact) but the rest of them won’t be seen for some time yet as they need to be picked up in places that make sense and have reasoning to follow the duo along.

Yesterday Beyond the Tree hit a milestone by reaching 100’000 views – I’m suspecting that wordpress counts views as pages viewed per day rather than visitors per day, but it’s still an impressive number for such a new and starting comic in my mind! The Blizzard Europe community team owes a great deal of the credit for it reaching that high so quickly with remembering Beyond the Tree for their friday comic linkage for which I’m grateful. Statistics suggest there’s a fair ammount of regulars too though, so I hope you’ve enjoyed the comic so far and that it’ll continue to entertain! I certainly have plans for plot reaching on for quite some time yet.

To comemorate the viewcount, I decided to upload two Beyond the Tree wallpapers I made some time back and otherwise only have been languishing on my drive. Might put them to use without me having to figure out the table madness required to make a proper wallpaper section. Enjoy:


1 Response to “#22 – “It’s Unfathomably Deep””

  1. 1 tuhma
    June 18, 2008 at 23:05

    that facepalm was so funny :)
    also, very nice wallpapers!

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