#34 – “Crawling Forth from the Depths”


Due to the dialogue tweaks in #33, I found that #34 gained an added sense of irony to it which only made it better as far as I’m concerned. Being one of those “travel” pages, it’s essentially just interduo dialogue while they go somewhere, so it’s nearly all characterization and little else. It gives a great deal of space in letting the characters act themselves, but it also demands that the characters are interesting / funny enough on their own.

While several modern 3D games have at this rate discovered methods of making things looking (fairly) realistically wet, I’m not exactly privy to those techniques so rather than trying to invent a hit or miss way of doing it, I decided to illustrate the whole water is wet angle through poses and actions. I don’t expect any great underwater adventures in the near future, so I’m not feeling too much of a hurry to discover some great “wetness filter” or what have you. We’re going on to drier pastures regardless.


1 Response to “#34 – “Crawling Forth from the Depths””

  1. 1 Yian
    July 31, 2008 at 07:08

    Only you could fall down a hole, nubbish.

    Keep up the good work :p

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