#52 – “By the Way”


Right, we’re outside the Inn at last and soon enough we’ll even be outside Astranaar. Comic time is an interesting thing – travel can sometimes be near-instantaneous while a regular conversation can take weeks.

I’m still getting used to the new Hani model, what exactly I can do with it and possible tweaks it might need in the near future. Having the ability to move her eyes in various directions is a huge thing, especially with Tiny located on her shoulder which’s a rather awkward location to look at. (just go ahead and try!) I’m hoping to get the most of it as I go, but like all things it requires practice.

As for Teronis – people who have done the Alliance Ashenvale quests far too many times should be fairly familiar with the name ;) (and no, I’m not having Hani transform into a furbolg.)


7 Responses to “#52 – “By the Way””

  1. 1 Pyro
    October 2, 2008 at 07:43

    … I don’t get it ._. Can anyone explain it…? Pwease?

  2. 2 Deih
    October 2, 2008 at 08:03

    NOOO! I was SO waiting to see Hani and Tee as furbolgs!
    Oh well, guess I’ll have to keep my hopes and dreams up that you’ll take them as far as to the Scythe-of-elune-blabla-quest chain, with the worgen and that stuff…then you have an excuse to let the dynamic duo go to Eastern Kingdoms and say BAIBAI! to Kalimdor.
    Great comic as always

  3. 3 Moltrazahn
    October 2, 2008 at 15:52

    Aww i was just looking forward to see hani in a string thong… *seems to forget that hani also would be a big furry bear/dog thing*

    Okay, shamlessly back to reality. YES good quest, but please dont let her farm those murlocs for 30 min like its normally done :P that would just be sad. Also to your credit, id wish Blizzard would take asmuch care of their models (animation that is) as you do. Your rendering is simply amazing. Makes me wanna play nightelf again.

    Anyways ill miss the inn! was allways such a nice place *sniffles*

    And yes, looking looking at your shoulder all the time would mess up your neck, not to talk about your eyes would hurt, also if youd have to focus on something small that was VERY CLOSE to your yours it would hurt even more… rant over!

    Still great comic! oh and Tiny’s comments are made of win! :P

  4. October 4, 2008 at 21:53

    i know it might be stuped but isn’t it “Let the goddess guide you”

  5. 5 Moltrazahn
    October 5, 2008 at 02:42

    Maby she was just doing “nightelf slang” :P y’know … “goddess guide… peace!” Etc ^^ nah, but yea your right that they normally do sitck with Goddess guide you or along those lines.

  6. 6 Nhani
    October 5, 2008 at 08:00

    There’s actually a whole lot of variants, though most are a few words longer indeed: if you recall, Raene herself said “Goddess guide your blade.” a few pages back as a Sentinel adaptation of thereof.

    Now the question is to ask, why didn’t she say the full expression this time?

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