#54 – “Return to Sender”


What can I say, welcome to chapter three? I like starting a chapter with one, so you’ll have to bear it cutting the overall length of dialogue – it’ll come to a close first in #55 and then we’ll be moving from there. There’s a whole lot I’m wanting to tell in chapter three in due time, some of it even actually spoken plainly rather than hidden under all manner of hints and nudges. I put up a retrospect of chapter two over on Thoughts for Food for those wanting / interested in a short chapter-wide recap and commentary.

We’ll be in Ashenvale a bit longer, you’ll have to live with that as I think the plot will flow much better like it’s been reshuffled now. We are going outside Night elven lands eventually, but the way arc one goes there’s quite a fair bit to discover here. Especially with Delgren eager to act quest giver.


5 Responses to “#54 – “Return to Sender””

  1. 1 Raukangren
    October 9, 2008 at 23:13

    Meh… Call me an Rtard but those envorionmental objects looks so much awry in the shade of the living that it’s hurting me eyes… :..(

    Also Delgren doesn’t ask, he looks as if commanding with his exclamation. ;)

    A side note. Seen the whole Sunrise all over again… me want some story with dwarves!!! Like, well, Dark Iron Dwarves are planning their attack on Bronzebeards in times of War of Three Hammers and schieming about summon of Ragnaros, ya know, the momnet Modgud is about to dissapear… Mleh, who do i tryin’ ta trick out? Ya won’t gunna do it. :..(

    Anyway – eager to see the next chapter of this magnificent story! :D
    Great jod, keep up. :)

  2. 2 Nhani
    October 9, 2008 at 23:27

    Unfortunately, the more tricks I manage to con out of 3ds Max, the greater the visual difference there is between renders and backdrops. Usually the backdrops are, well, in the back so there’s not so much space to notice. On large vistas however.. it’s more visible. Especially when I have to scale the backdrop up to be large enough, which means a significant drop in quality. Ideally, everything should be rendered via 3ds and only very little cropped in as backdrops. I’m nowhere near a place where that’s viable to do however, unfortunately.

    Also, there actually was a stop by Blackrock Depths planned at one point, but it’s currently in limbo as I simply couldn’t make the story coherently going there as it is now. I still love the idea of taking a trip by there however (it’s got such lovely spaces for things to happen), so it might still happen eventually – though more along the lines of far-off future. We’re headed towards the Eastern Kingdoms eventually though, so there’s that.

  3. 3 Raukangren
    October 11, 2008 at 11:53

    Cool. Will trace it with anticipating eagerness! =D

  4. 4 Moltrazahn
    October 11, 2008 at 15:59

    I must say, your haveing quite the trip planned allready… 1: Ordil’aran – 2: That… guy they need to find afterwards (murloc person) 3: a trip to BRD? gosh! next thing youll be saying a face to face with arthas! :D

    … which ofcause would be so fun with Rei around XD

    At any rate, yes the backgrond is alittle flawed compared to the models size and such. But when dealing with the comic via diffrent models and shades, such things are hard to avoid. When its down to single buildings your great. So i wouldnt really see this as any downgrade at all.

    Enjoyed it as allways!

    and once again… Rei for the win! ^^

  5. 5 Roberto
    January 7, 2010 at 22:12

    you could have done with out rame #2 and started with “Delgren!” You could have made fram#3 a horizontal frame and shown Delgren running up to the two of them in a full body shot. You have already established the three characters in the first frame so it’s ok to play around with them in the following frames. And the last pane didn’t strike me as they were ready for a final strike. When you have a splash pane like that it should be striking. The elves should ahve been in battle formation and spilling off the page.

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