#60 – “Someone Should Count Them”


So it’s a tad late, I know. I blame things having been rather hectic lately, going to be trying to catch up on my schedule in the weekend, given the opportunity to. It hasn’t helped that this page actually took a whole lot longer than I expected – lighting didn’t really want to bow to my whim and with an average render time of a few minutes, adjusting things on a step by step basis to make everything catch highlights atleast tolerably took far longer than I would’ve liked.

I need a faster computer.

So! Another in transit page, which generally means light-hearted remarks based around purely character moments. I had fun playing a little with this one and the script was actually tweaked a fair bit to make some of the statements have just that much more of a punch as I was structuring up the layout. it ended up a bit more talky than originally intended as a result, but I think it’s overall better for it, in spite of the very cluttered dialogue box placement.


5 Responses to “#60 – “Someone Should Count Them””

  1. 1 TC
    October 30, 2008 at 18:54

    awh, so much energy in lil’ Tee. somehow made me throw off a fat grin on my lips when i read her cultist here cultist there cultists everywhere explanation :)

    and tad late, dont worry :) we are here waiting hungry, but dont stress yourself to death. keep up the good stuff


  2. 2 Leots
    October 31, 2008 at 20:55

    Brilliant, as always! I really loved the “Holiday Market” remark of Tee! ^_^

    Keep up the good stuff, but don’t overstress yourself. :)

  3. 3 Moltrazahn
    November 1, 2008 at 12:31

    Yay! satyrs! the last encounter with a satyrs was just brilliant “Whats up with the fur” looking forward to it ^^

    Oh and did the res get sharper or something? or is it just my eyes >.>

  4. 5 Nhani
    November 2, 2008 at 15:41

    It’s not so much sharper as I did some particular tweaking for this particular issue to cut down on the bloom effect: the Character layer is actually composed of three layers – the bottom character layer that’s the straight out renders (with some scaling), then a slightly blurred layer for some added contrast (“Overlay” type) and a third layer that’s a tad more blurred to make a sort of bloom effect (“Screen” type).

    In this case, I found the result ended up really way brighter than I wanted it, so I moved down the transparency sliders for the top layers, which makes it look sharper at the cost of the sort of soft glow. I kindof like the glow effect, but it’s fairly primitive and can sometimes make things look just a tad weird.

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