#61 – “Raene’s Closure”


Yep, I redesigned Raene Wolfrunner – redesign was done a few weeks back even, she’s just not made a show until now. The new look is meant to be more like the WarCraft 3 Sentinels rather than the World of WarCraft ones, but still remeniscent of both between design and colour. There’s been a whole lot of debate back and forth both on whether the look works and whether to keep it a Raene-only thing or not. And yes, I completely handwaved the change of outfit. Much like I did with Hanis’ change of trousers.

Redesigning Te’len is also on the schedule, but she’s got that skirt that complicates matters. Still, there’ll hopefully be an updated model available for her before we next see her.

For this particular issue.. I’ll admit, it’s one I actually didn’t really feel too happy about having to make, but also knew I had to make; while Beyond the Tree is ultimately character first, characters aren’t always happy and don’t always have clever remarks coming out of their ears. And some events need to leave their marks.

In the in-game quest where you report back on Teronis, the whole “oh no, he’s dead..” angle is played very short and then thrown aside and (nearly completely) forgotten – for very understandable reasons, as Raene and the player character are nearly complete strangers. Hani and Raene – on the other hand – are friends, so Teronis dying needed to have a suitable impact.


14 Responses to “#61 – “Raene’s Closure””

  1. 1 Deih
    November 2, 2008 at 14:36

    Love Raene’s new armor, I wish all sentinels looked a bit more like the WC3 units, just like how grunts actually look a bit like their RTS counterparts.
    Good strip as always

  2. 2 Arafor
    November 2, 2008 at 15:20

    It seems it’s very difficult to make these models look truly sad, very much like it was difficult to make them smile and look happy. But I’m sure you did your best.

    A trick with the night elves might be to manipulate their ears and eyebrows a lot. That’s what’s done with the sad animations in the game. Hanging ears and eyebrows makes them seem a tad less cheery.

    But I’m sure you know all this better then I do.
    Best regards.


  3. 3 Nhani
    November 2, 2008 at 15:36

    I’m actually experimenting with ways of making the ears move rather than flat stationary as we speak, through odd coincidence. Though it won’t make it into the present models used until their next major revision – still thinking of if there’s some other way I can change the way the eyes look in various directions – noticed that for reasons I can’t quite figure, the eyes sometimes pop out. Hopefully I’ll have that bit worked around before I take on the next model revision.

    That said.. – I actually can make them look more sad than here; while I wanted an atmosphere of melancholy, I didn’t want one that implied Raene was trying to spring forth the River Teronis. Sad, yes, but not devastated – which arguably makes the expressions even more bothersome because Raene has to look sad-ish but not too sad.

    That said, there’s a few panes where I could’ve tweaked it a little. Notably, I think Raene probably should’ve looked downwards in the eighth panel.

    As for the outfit, I’m hoping that it’ll in the least grow on people, if not be approved of immediately. A whole lot of work went into balancing all manner of factors for it, I’d like to think the result is quite good.

  4. 4 Moltrazahn
    November 3, 2008 at 01:05

    Oh my goodness… Raene is now the hottest thing since cake! Seriously… that is a amazing look youve given her. I assume its all custom made design? – at any rate i simply love it, 5/5 on that. Glad to see the “animated” family is getting bigger ^^

    However.. why am i getting pictures in my head of Dalgren in Raenes outfit now.. And feeling the chills XD.. *Puts old soda away*

    Good page aswell, makes me wonder what connection the two might have had before he became murloc-munch.

    Good work, really i mean it. Now go work at Blizz design-team so she will look like that ingame *nods*

  5. 5 Nhani
    November 3, 2008 at 09:06


    Well I admit, I’m actually slightly worried that it’s a little too much – Raene’s certainly meant to look impressive, but I’m kindof hoping to keep the label of being “the sexy one” attached to Te’len, actually. Though I have plans on how to reassert things for Te’len’s redesign (no, it won’t be that radical. You’ll see ;) )

    *edits in* well it’s partially custom – every texture she uses originates from World of WarCraft in one form or another, but most are significantly hue-shifted and some even subjected to a large array of copy and paste – the chestpeice began its life as an Imbued Netherweave Tunic for example – you can still recognize the origin if you look closely, but I took quite a few liberties with the design.

    On a more general note, I made two posts over on Thoughts for Food on Raene’s new design in retrospective and wallpaper forms respectively. Enjoy.

  6. 6 Moltrazahn
    November 3, 2008 at 11:24

    Sounds kewl, and i dont know if i maby took it “too far” with my statement, but nah compared to what else is current in your design, Raene’s outfit does hit a gong for hotness. However if we go wow “lore-wise” on the nightelfs as it is. We can agree that they (atleast in warcraft 3) were a race of rather impressive women.. *coughs*

    I personally find that her new outfit mixes abit of that and still holds what id consider a certian aspect of casuel aswell. I say that since when re-veiwing the World of warcraft trailer you also see that the women is wearing pretty much… well.. i dont know how to define it. A-Metal-spiral-very-little-else-and-afew-feathers outfit. So for a Sentinel, i think youve made a good design.

    You mention that you wanted Te’len as the sexy one eh? hmm and she is a druidish person no?.. Well given that off all the poses that define the dear crew, ill admidt that i like Te’lens the most. Simply becauss i used to do /me rubs her arm when roleplaying, so i dare say youve caught my interest (as if you ever lost it).

    Looking forward what youll do then! Just… keep the Firemane leggings out of the design eh? ;P

  7. 7 Nhani
    November 3, 2008 at 11:59

    I certainly want Raene to make a lasting impression – to some degree, a “wow..” kind of reaction on first sight is perfect. The worry, rather, is about the eventuality of people mentioning characters in retrospect and Raene ending up being “you know, that sexy Sentinel they met in Ashenvale.”, or that it might seem a bit like that’s all there is to her.

    There’s a particular kind of atmosphere I’m gunning for with Raene – a sort of military but casual, organized but sightly renegade.. and that she is – ultimately – a strong woman, both physically and mentally.

    As for Te’len.. she has an atmosphere of her own, which I’m hoping to play with in her upcomming redesign. She has plenty of nichés to try to cover, so it’ll be interesting what the result will be like. I’m hoping it’ll be done before we next see her, so it can just seamlessly be introduced.

  8. 8 Cielkhai
    November 3, 2008 at 14:19

    I cannot help but look at the second picture and ask myself: What is Hani looking at?

  9. 9 Moltrazahn
    November 3, 2008 at 22:01

    i wouldnt worry too much really :), Raene is as you said a person who seems to take charge when needed, and yet still hold some “humanity” to her actions. To me she comes forth as haveing a understanding freindship with Hani, which makes her a great asset aswell. And i doubt she will be remembered as the sexy sentinel, but then again what if she does? she is by all accounts a person youve expressed to be kind and just, so the fact that she looks staggering only makes her more loveable. However im sure that the personality given to her far expresses the memory of her rather then her outfit.

    Thats for me atleast, so i say good work, and let the next page take us to werever you wish us to go ^^.

    Ps: “humanity” when talking about nightelfs? … what.. “elf-i-ality?” (that just sounds… wrong in SO many ways)

  10. 10 Yerdiss
    November 3, 2008 at 23:00

    *thumbs up* It was looking good during development. It looks even better in the actual pages. I’d say, Raene shopping spree = success!

  11. 11 Ilyara
    November 4, 2008 at 15:43

    Well, I’ve always tended to wave at Raene and her animal companions (Hunters ftw) in game, so I was a fan already…but I really, really love your characterisation of her. I’m fairly neutral on the outfit thing, although in purely personal stakes, I prefer the original :)

    Still /fangirl

  12. November 6, 2008 at 03:39

    Amazing work as always, I too like Raene’s new look and personally I think you did manage to capture a good sad-look on her.
    I can’t help, when reading your comic, but to think as I did when watching Tales of the Past 3 recently: “The artist should be paid for this masterpiece.”
    Keep it up. :)

  13. 13 Sarista
    June 10, 2011 at 10:21

    As crazy awesome the new armor is i do feel compelled to point out that it is largely impractical for use in combat particularly the bare midriff like i said not truly complaining and i think this is the best wow comic out there just felt compelled to say it.

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