#63 – “It’s a Great Responsibility”


I know it’s late – I could blame anything from my schedule utterly kersploding yesterday to a meeting today going from an expected half hour to two and a half hours to a presently pounding headache. In my defence, it’s still sunday, and I never explicitly said update times are at mornings, it’s just the time I’ve been trying to aim for.

So back on the road and familiar travel dialogue. It took me quite awhile to figure out what exactly to put here – I knew I wanted a lighthearted tone to weigh up for the heavier drama, but it still needs to be character moments. In the end I settled for the question of why the duo lacks a mount, which’s a fair question – as is Tiny’s suggested reason for it.

I kept the lighting setup from #62 – I thought it turned out great, so I decided to keep with it. I might very well keep running it over for a fair bit of the Ashenvale journey remaining so far, which is still a fair bit of course. Still, we’re making progress on where everything is headed, which’s a good thing. I’ve got scripts running up to #68 and rough plans as far as #74. At this rate, we should hit chapter four sometime at the start of 2009.


10 Responses to “#63 – “It’s a Great Responsibility””

  1. 1 Deih
    November 9, 2008 at 17:16

    Haha, good one today :D
    but -why- don’t they have a mount? The sentinels and Hani must have a real problem with eachother

  2. 2 Moltrazahn
    November 9, 2008 at 20:21

    Indeed a fine question! maby Hani has something with cats, or they something with her… Hmmm.. Allergy prehaps? *grins*, no it would be interesting in seeing a “third” companion join the pair. However it would have to be in some sort of plotline to build that “group love/care” dynamic going. Heeey maby Te’len could shape shi… Nah nevermind bad idea. At any rate this is one of them cosy pages with a good feel to it. And if any mount, should they have a cat then at all? since that sometime (way in the future) that they might need to fly somewere, so a flying mount prehaps? but how does one even figure this out *brainpain* … You know, ill just wait and see what happens ^^ ive got faith that they will get whatever is comming their way, and deal with it equally.

  3. 3 Rain the Lynx
    November 9, 2008 at 21:23

    I definitly agree with Moltrazahn, this is a very much a cozy feel good page, and I adore it.

    The lack of mount I acctually so far based on funds/mounts being rare if your more real to the lore, besides to a Nelf walking long distances in the woods must be nice.. sorta.. for a period of time. *grins*

    I really adore the interactions between these two, their fun. They nag at each other but can handle it from each other, and probably would be worried at a lack of naggage. Another thing I really really love is.. the fangs. It can be SO hard ingame to see that Kaldorei actually have some pretty impressive choppers, but here you get a good view of them on Tee in panel six while seeing hints of them in the other panels.

    oh, and really like the little touch of seeing Hani rub the back of her hair, straighten her pony tail, a bit in that panel.

  4. 4 TC
    November 10, 2008 at 13:24

    oooh where do you get it from, it so made me chuckle, specially the “no one trusts you with one” part, I agree with the rest its fun and well made and once more that you actually make a good part out of it like Rain says rather than just moneyfunds

  5. 5 Yerdiss
    November 10, 2008 at 13:51

    And somewhere in another part of Kalimdor two cats lie resting in the sun, where one purrs, “Say, why haven’t you gotten yourself one of those fancy night elves?”

  6. 6 AY
    November 10, 2008 at 18:24

    Found this comic today, and I must say I’m enjoying it. The duo have a fun dialogue, and I find myself smiling often. Gief moar! ;P

  7. 7 Ralanost
    November 11, 2008 at 08:49

    I just wanted to drop by and say how much I enjoy this comic. The art is amazing. Taking the in game models and moving them around and adding the glow makes them a step above other model viewer comics in appearance and, in the case of yours, beauty.

    I also love that it follows the lore and quests with quite a bit of flavor and twist of your own and it doesn’t break the fourth wall. That is funny on occasion, but it is hard to find a somewhat serious comic with looks similar to this that stays in bounds and doesn’t go overboard with comedy of the inane variety.

    All in all I am very impressed and I hope you continue with this. The story is intriguing and the personalities are fun to watch. Kudos!

  8. 8 Amusei
    November 11, 2008 at 18:21

    Maybe if she didnt walk all the way.. Pfff

  9. November 12, 2008 at 12:42

    well the walking dialogs would be quite shorter if they have mount’s and it’s no modelviewer it’s actualy uses base model of a night elf that was been modified in a 3d program named 3dsmax and for somewhat seriosnes look at sunrise comic,it’s more serios but it was several pages and it dosn’t have a continuety realy

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