#65 – “Where Wolf? There Wolf!”


It returns! A second chance to CARVE YOUR~..no, wrong dialogue. Ahem.

I’m not done with Northrend – nor levelling – yet, but server downtime on wednesday gave me plenty of time to assemble this page, and with my projecting to reach 80 by friday, I should be returning to a regular, filler-less update schedule. I don’t like ending up sacrificing Beyond the Tree first thing whenever time grows short, but it can be unpleasantly difficult to be creative when there’s so much else I’d rather be doing. Things should be back to normal, though.

So, this particular page. I kindof liked the idea of setting up the presence of our dear Wolf men in a somewhat ominous fasion. Of course, our duo being what they are, they turn it into quick-witted banter almost instantly. It shows that they do in fact exist in this continuity however – what repercussions that might have will hopefully be interesting to see.

Trying to leave the post-processing layer-made glow effects on fairly low blur for now, since I’m told it’s much kinder on the eyes. I’d love to have a solution as simple as “press button for instant pretty” but my understanding of “Photoshopping” is cursory at best. Novice at Paint Shop Pro is Novice.


5 Responses to “#65 – “Where Wolf? There Wolf!””

  1. 1 Arafor
    November 20, 2008 at 12:55

    I hope Hani doesn’t slaughter too many worgens, I love worgens. They aren’t as blood thirsty and malicious as they are said to be, they are just misunderstood… really…

    And, yes, it is a bit more pleasant to the eye, most of it anyway. I like how you did the worgens and the reindeer a bit out of focus (I assume it was to cover up the lack of polygons or something like that, but still.)

    There’s something off with the last pic though, think it might be so that Hani and Tiny have more light shining on them then the terrain, because those two and the terrain looks very… far away from each other.



  2. 2 Moltrazahn
    November 20, 2008 at 14:19

    I like this page, it has that real cosy feeling to it that i pressume these two must share alot of. And ofcause Worgen for the win! I hope they get to talk with some of them, not sure why but im allready gleefully excited to find out.

    Also good luck on the 80! im still working my way up the food chain, but its with a DK so it aint hard at all, soloing 3 man quests at my level and enjoying it. Oh well! glad to see you back (sorta), looking forward to the next update!

  3. 3 FW
    November 20, 2008 at 19:01

    Personally i liked the blur.

    Been reading your comic with a great interesset ever since the second page or fourth page or so, don’t really remember.

    But there’s something about this comic that looks off, it may just be me or my monitor, but it looks like Hani’s skin, Tiny’s skin and the sword got their colours mixed up x.x
    The first panel the sword got a light purple edge as does Hani’s arm. Like Tiny’s skin purple.
    And the Hani’s Tiny side(The side of teh shoulder upon which Tiny is sitting:P) looks like it got a purple tint.
    Makes Hani look a bit like two-face, which is kind of scary and just looks wrong x.X

    Otherwise, i love the usual banter between Hani and Tiny, especially’s Hani’s humour, it’s hilarious!

    Keep up the good work:3


  4. 4 Nhani
    November 21, 2008 at 03:31

    There’s no pleasing you lot is there! Conflicting messages D;

    The lighting environment is actually the same I’ve had since #62 (reused the same 3ds Max scene) – though you’re right that it’s lit with different colours. To get some kind of varied lighting scheme across it there’s faintly purple light from one angle, faintly blue light from another and faintly green light from the back. It was chosen as such to get a feeling of foresty/ashenvaley lighting, though I guess sans the Bloom effect it looks more prominent.

  5. 5 Kai
    November 22, 2008 at 22:30

    Yes the lower blur is a lot more friendly to the eyes :3

    Although I must admit the characters still look a little to brightly lot for the lighting the background has. O.o;

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