#70 – “Distribution of Legwork”


And we’re back to travel pages. I’ve been hoping to make a minor revision of Hani’s model to fix a few things, but it’s not done just yet – I need the time to make all the various morphs and time has been somewhat limited. Schedule is still arguably unsteady, but I’m hoping we’re back to regular updates anyhow, though they’re not exactly happening at morning now.

With luck, the holidays might be a time to catch up. But it very well also might not.


7 Responses to “#70 – “Distribution of Legwork””

  1. 1 Kazanna
    December 11, 2008 at 16:36

    They missed the worgen =O wonder if itll get a nutshot too =x

  2. 2 Yerdiss
    December 11, 2008 at 20:24

    Nice buildup there. Getting curious to what the Wogren are up to and, more importantly, what Tiny’s role in this is. Her behaviour’s suspect!

  3. December 12, 2008 at 18:42

    i think she’s just thinking she is seeing things

  4. 4 HampOoze
    December 13, 2008 at 10:59

    I bet arugals up to something xP

  5. 5 Arafor
    December 13, 2008 at 12:16

    Actually, HampOoze, those wouldn’t be the worgens of Arugal. You see, there have been two people in Azeroth summoning worgens into the world.

    Arugal is the most known of the two, being a previous member of the Kirin’Tor. During the scurge invasion he summoned huge amounts of worgens against the wishes of his co-workers in order to bolster the defenses of Dalaran. The worgens, however, would slaughter Dalarans mages and the members of the scurge alike and Arugal took refuge in the fortress now knows as Shadowfang Keep (it previously belonged to the baron (boss) that haunts the place).

    There is however another summoner. She is much less known and have a slightly more complicated story. She was/is (whether she’s dead or not is not known) a priestess of Elune. When Felwood was corrupted she prayed for means to fight this evil and Elune granted her wish. She recived an artifact called The Scythe of Elune. An artifact so powerful it could weaken the barriers between worlds (free relmtransfer xD) and drag armies into Azeroth, binding their will to the scythe. She soon learned how hard they were to control though, several scouts she had sent out never returned and so on. On top of that the scythe seemed to gain strength, after som time it didn’t seem to need her help to summon more worgens into the world. Having heard of Arugal she sent the remaining worgens to guard a specific shrine (in Ashenvale) and went off to find this Arugal. That’s more or less the last thing known of her.

    So since this worgen is on Ashenvale it’s more likely that these are the worgens The Scythe of Elune summoned rather then the worgens of Arugal far away in the eastern kingdoms.

    On a side note, yes, I was bored one night and read everything WoWWiki had on worgens (as I love worgens.)

  6. 6 Moltrazahn
    December 14, 2008 at 05:45

    Ohh page! *claps hands* I kinda like that Worgen by now, she keeps seeing them. I mean.. WHat if this was a way for the pair to be directed in the path of Arugal? Or maby the worgens an ally and not a foe? So many options! *claps hands again*

    Again i love this type of page, sorta leaves you with that cliffhanger feeling. “Who is the worgen, what does it want!, Is it a he at all! Find out in the next episode of Beyond the Tree”

    Dun dun dun.

    Maby the paladin is a worgen O.o

    Nah, anyways! Good page *nods* not much to note from me this time :P

  7. 7 Nhani
    December 14, 2008 at 23:58

    This theorycrafting amuses me. To be honest, it’s one of the type of comments I prefer seeing, since it touches plot and character. While I do generally hold on to what portents the various signs have, it’s nice to see observations voiced. It gives me a rough idea of what might need more emphasis and not ;)

    The Worgen do have a point with their presence, and during planning the amount of time they’re seen and mentioned was upped quite a bit. There’s definitely a point with having them there, though it’ll be elaborated on further ahead.

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