#86 – “Such a Wonderful Phrase”

In one of those rare cases where I actually get things done ahead of time, I managed to get both of this week’s updates done last weekend, so I can actually have them uploaded early for once, imagine that!

I’ve concluded since awhile back that while I have some pages that are primarily funny, or primarily plot advancement or primarily combat.. pretty much every page is a character page in some form. Now with three people wandering, we can get to work with simply letting their characters play off against oneanother. It’s part of what makes Beyond the Tree move very slowly story-wise, but I’ve come to think it’s also one of the key things present in its own little niché. Ultimately, I think story is something that comes to life between the interactions and relationships of characters, with plot simply being the underlying guide for everything to come to form.

And yes, this indeed means we have one character who is sometimes called “Te” (Te’len, by Tiny) and another who is sometimes called “Tee” (Tiny, by Hani). Aren’t nicknames grand?


17 Responses to “#86 – “Such a Wonderful Phrase””

  1. 1 Elveswarrior
    February 19, 2009 at 09:19

    great page for Tee where we get to see her up close (up close meaning we can see her face) and for some small talk ^^

    one thing i started to notice thou is their eyes. while i think Hani and Tee got the Night elf eyes i think Te’s eyes looks more like blind eyes. they simple doesnt give the glow effect of nightelf eyes.

    another thing im not sure about is doesnt druids have a yellow glow according to lore and “regulair” Night elfs got a blue?

  2. 2 Nhani
    February 19, 2009 at 09:48

    It’s a problem with the texture she has – she has a light map to make her eyes glow just as any other night elven character I use; the problem is that the texture for her eyes is slightly different and it somehow comes off as slightly red sometimes, which is what I think is causing it. I’ve been thinking of what could be done about it, but I wasn’t sure how much people picked up on it. The eyes are a difficult place to tweak without it ending up looking wrong, so I’ve been wary of trying to.. well.. “transplant” other eyes onto her, so to speak. I might give it a try still if it’s something that makes her look off.

    As for the colouring, there seems to be some inconsistency between what they say and what we see – Lore states that yellow eyes was once believed to be a sign of someone destined for greatness, but is now considered to suggest a strong talent for druidism. That said, Malfurion is described as having silver eyes in War of the Ancients in spite of being the mightiest druid ever (I honestly can’t recall what colour they were in Warcraft 3, though I know he had blue markings across his face).. contradicted by his appearance in World of Warcraft where all night elven males without fail are portrayed with golden eyes (and have no markings at all).

    With all this in retrospect I was content in simply keeping her as ordinary as possible – regardless of what she might come to do or be able of, Te’len is our anchor in the plain and ordinary, to offset the exceptional and potentially downright absurd core duo. Since the duo acts as if everything they do is the most ordinary thing ever, Te’len provides an important frame of reference so we can clearly see that “no, they’re not doing ordinary things at all.”

  3. 3 Linical
    February 19, 2009 at 11:41

    So, essentially our dynamic duo could be known by their respective nicknames of Te And Tee? no wonder they make a explosive combination!

  4. 4 Nhani
    February 19, 2009 at 11:47

    Not quite – I tend to define “the duo” as Hani and Tiny, while Te (Te’len) and Tee (Tiny) are more like childhood friends. Though I expect that makes them an ex-duo, potentially!

  5. 5 Lahis
    February 19, 2009 at 11:58

    The color of Night Elven eyes varies. Orginally, almost all Nelves were born with the regular silverglowing eyes, and those who were born with golden eyes (like Illidan), were though to be destined for greatness.

    The golden eyes, however, are a sign of a great druidic potential or power and a silver eyed invidual can attain golden eyes by studying druidism and becoming a powerful druid (Malfurion did get his golden eyes over time) and the fact that someone is born with golden eyes doesn’t always mean the invidual will become a great druid (like happeend to Illidan, who sought for more powerful sources of magic than druidism). So for a novice (female) druid like Te’len, it is just normal to have silver eyes.

    Blizzard’s reasoning for the golden eyed males and silver eyed females in WoW is that for the last 10 000 years (almost) all male night elves have became druids while females have became sentinels, priestesses, craftsmen etc. who ran the night elven society on Azeroth while male druids were dreaming in the Emerald Dream. Now that the druids have opened their ranks for females also, it is just a matter of time untill we will see golden eyed female night elves (according to lore, that is. I highly doubt that Blizzard will get over with it and really do a golden eyed female night elf druid model into the game :p )

    I’m hoping that I’m not being the Captain Obivious here and my text doesn’t have too many grammatical errors ^^ English isn’t my first language, and I’m not really too confident with it :p

    Also, as this is the 1st time I’m posting a comment here, I’d thik I should say that I have absolutely loved to comic so far :)

  6. 6 Lahis
    February 19, 2009 at 12:00

    “Also, as this is the 1st time I’m posting a comment here, I’d thik I should say that I have absolutely loved to comic so far :)”

    Crap, the one sentence I didn’t proofread and there’s a typo :E

  7. 7 Nhani
    February 19, 2009 at 12:38

    There’s worse typos to make. you can take my word for that. xD

    For the bit with the eyes, I’ve never read any explicit reasoning why they had different colours for the males and females model-wise, though it’s entirely possible I’ve just missed it. From a designer standpoint, it sounds just a little like one of those explainations written in retrospect rather than intended from the start, ie: “They look cool with yellow eyes, let’s run with it and just make something up.”. Of course.. it’s equally possible that most night elven males in Warcraft 3 had yellow eyes and they continued that tradition and came up with a reason with it and at the time lacked the technology or time to bother with “unique class textures” a’la Death Knights with druid eyes.

    Until a time where Blizzard shows us an official depiction of a present-day situation where eye colour is tied to druidism (as claimed) and not gender (as shown), I’m not sure how far (or how easilly) the line will be drawn by a casual observer without first sifting through quite a bit of background information. It doesn’t seem to be enough to warrant trying to hue-shift the eyes of every night elven male we come across that isn’t a druid.

    That said.. all of the discussion above has raised the thought that I might try to shift Te’len’s eyes over to a golden colour at some point if she blooms into her druidess role (and I actually remember it at that point!)

  8. 8 Elveswarrior
    February 19, 2009 at 14:37

    i shall poke you if she suddenly turn into a tree or boomer and start blasting/whipping her way trough hordes of enemies.

    @ Lahis: very few bothers about small typos and so in forums and especialy in such a “subforum” as this comic got. dont let it bother you tbh :) ofc if Nhani makes a Typo we can all attack him since its his comic ;P

    about th eyes. if blizzard bothered they could probably make our eyes change according to the class but they defo got more pressing matters to attend to :)

  9. 9 Moltrazahn
    February 19, 2009 at 18:32

    Te’lens face = <3

  10. 10 Linical
    February 19, 2009 at 20:04

    Gah, sorry, it was really late for me when I posted, as soon as I woke up, I was snicking about it, and realized who was who, what was what, and what I said >.<

  11. 11 Nhani
    February 19, 2009 at 21:01

    Don’t worry about it, it happens. xD

    As for Te’len, I sincerely doubt she’ll ever be the shapeshifter kind. Part because I don’t think it suits her, but also because I think I’d get more out of the visuals by keeping her in a single form. (Nevermind it’d be easier!) Plus.. It might just be me.. but I’ve somehow gotten the impression that a great deal of druids used as important characters – either by Blizzard or fan productions – are largely shapeshifters. Personally I see Te’len more along the lines of Malfurion type of druid in that she sticks to her regular shape, even if she weren’t just a novice.

  12. February 19, 2009 at 21:53

    so she’s balance/resto druid :P cause malfurion was balance/resto

  13. 13 Elveswarrior
    February 19, 2009 at 22:45

    cant way to see her open a can of whoopass when she summons treants from the woods and entangle anyone who gets near her :D and most important! rides a goat thingy like malfurion did! XD

  14. February 20, 2009 at 16:47

    the making trees into treants is kindof stuped (from a druid point of view) destroying trees to make baby ancients that die cause they can’t find there mommy :P if she does something i sayed it before she will be a healer(if the story dosn’t change and dosn’t need to do it or lose it(dumb but idc).)

  15. 15 Saila
    February 23, 2009 at 16:16

    that reminds me about one in my guild she is almost never seen in another form then her cat form entertained when i humman walked pass and all he saw was this druid in cat form and all templars ((the guild)) was referring to her as LT or simuler rank what an laugh.
    2-3 templars -YES “high rank” Fendi
    human non templar -hey what’s this large cat..did you call it “high rank”? *as he walks by us*
    one of the tempalrs – this is “high rank” fendi “her surname forgot it”.
    human non templar – its an cat!
    one of the templar – no its not.
    human non templar – its an cat look it have 4 pawn blue fur and probably not say anything other then mew, how in the light can it be “high rank”?
    fendi((still cat form)) – am “high rank” fendi of the holly templars now what was it you said?
    ((he walked away confused there and yes this was on an RP server))
    note “high rank” as i forgot her rank i let it be like this.
    “human non templar” sam guy.
    “one of the templar can be the same templar or not exept fendi.

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