#89 – “Better Late than Never”

In retrospect, the title of this page ended up being really ironic. Wasn’t intended as, but first I forgot bringing my external harddrive (that inconveniently held all the ship textures I needed) and then halfway through I was needed for some raiding, so for once I can point to someone specific (ie: the people I play World of Warcraft with) and say “Blame Them!”


I like this page. Of course, I like alot of pages, but it’s nice to have atleast part of the backdrop being part of the scene that’s rendered – it allows the characters to interact with their environment, and creates alot of shadow interaction that while not very realistic, really adds a sense of depth to everything.

Of course, more than that, while we’ve seen Hani on her own without Tiny around a few times, this is the first time we have a page focused on Tiny without Hani being there. It’s nice to have moments like that, really – as well as Hani and Tiny play off eachother and create all manner of interesting quips and dialogue as they do, there’s some things you really need them seperated to see. It may not be all that common, but I like dwelving in that too.


4 Responses to “#89 – “Better Late than Never””

  1. 2 saila
    March 2, 2009 at 17:38

    only me or dose the detail/pixel lev ingress for every page.
    i meen in the first pages something was way blure compeered to this but it might be me or something to do whit how the camera is positioned
    //ps check your spell checker before you start writing was set to Swedish and every thing turned as i typed everything wrong.
    and cool page some history about the carecters.
    fells abit like jak and dexter 2 when you don’t know whats going on until half way as you learn more about yourself and the new gained power… and thats is something i really liked as it cast some kind of mysterious over one.

  2. 3 Weertangel
    March 2, 2009 at 17:45

    Love how Te’lens clothes show, looks really nice, hope we see her more in full view :)

  3. 4 Nhani
    March 2, 2009 at 18:00

    And that’s why she got her overhaul – I can get so much more performance out of her model now, where she can do things like sit on the railing and still have a proper skirt and everything. It’s not entirely perfect, but it’s definitely a huge step up from what it used to be like.

    As for quality – there’s definitely some things I’ve learned, figured out or picked up on the way, both in terms of rendering and post-processing; Beyond the Tree didn’t actually use post processing all that extensively until the start of Arc Two, so there’s a definitive visual jump there. Backgrounds are usually always the problem, but sometimes – like this case – I can take parts of the world (like the Astranaar Inn or this particular ship – and extract those into 3D objects so I can render those together with the characters, which pushes overall environment and shadow quality up a few notches. It’s unfortunately not something that can be done all the time, but it’s nice the times it’s possible.

    As for a spellchecker – it’s either something integrated in WordPress.com or your browser, either way I’m afraid it’s something beyond my scope to alter. (I don’t see one myself while writing this comment, for example)

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