#192 – “Goblin Engineering”

To quote Yazz Nitrospark: “Say what you want about us Goblins, but I will tell you this: WE HAVE EXPLOSIVES!”

In-game, the Shredders have one of the more animated.. well.. death animations to go around – the whole bit how it not only evicts its pilot headfirst into the ground, but then also proceeds to land on him. I felt I couldn’t pass by Sneed and his Shredder without making use of that particular sort of moment somehow.


26 Responses to “#192 – “Goblin Engineering””

  1. April 29, 2010 at 20:09

    Now back away quickly before she blows!

  2. 2 Swill
    April 29, 2010 at 21:38

    Come on… They win every fight really easy! Sometime you must make a hard fight for them, this is just childish!

    • April 29, 2010 at 21:46

      No offense dude, but have you tried to use this programme and try to create a epic battle?
      Trust me, i tried, it’s HARD, so be gratefull for your free entertainment.

    • April 29, 2010 at 22:01

      Nhani is trying to tell a story here Swill, the story is not told through battles that last six months. And i doubt Hani, Tiny, Te, and Areen would call that easy. Well…Tiny might.

    • 5 Agamede
      April 29, 2010 at 22:27

      Hey, look. We have a troll on the forum. >:)

      Nice twist Nhani. Not just ending the fight with knocking Sneed out, but also combining a Gnomish and Goblin engineering. XD

    • 6 Yerdiss
      April 29, 2010 at 22:59

      When you say “make it hard”, I sense you mean “make it last long”. That is of course personal taste. I’d find long fights dreary and measure ‘toughness’ or ‘hardness’ of fights by how easy it is for you to die in them.

      In this fight, it would’ve been VERY easy for one of more of the cast to be killed. This ranks “hard fight” in my book. Soooo, in summary, I’m glad Nhani makes this comic and not you. Not to be mean, of course, but I just like Nhani’s interpretation of how a fight should be better.

    • 7 Gordrake Thunderhoof
      April 30, 2010 at 09:39

      …I would say something intelligent to this, but the only thing I can think to say to this comment is: Fail comment. Just fail.

      Come back when you got something that makes sense to say. You clearly have no grasp/history of this comic if you can come up with that as some sort of excuse to make a post here.

    • 8 Iasion
      April 30, 2010 at 12:19

      Don’t underestimate beautiful, leggy NE warriors, especially when they use chibby gnome warriors as projectiles. That goblin didn’t have a chance.

    • April 30, 2010 at 17:40

      This comment reminds me so much of other comments I’ve seen around the web. You know the type, like when someone has a video of cute kittens on YouTube, and someone else makes a comment like “Oh, they’re so adorable! NOW DROWN THEM!”

      Yeah. Not funny, not warranted, not welcome.

      Seriously, creating battle scenes using the in-game models (even though Nhani has extracted them to a 3-D modeler for greater flexibility) requires positioning, choreography, patience and a lot of time.

      All for a comic you read…free of charge. And now you seem to want your money back? Who’s being childish, here?

      • 10 Swill
        May 2, 2010 at 12:48

        I’m not a troll and I like this comic, but I just think that every opponent are too easy. It’s just like Hani never gets hit and that she’s invincible and that makes it kinda boring.

        I’m just trying to say that I think that Nhani should make a hard fight for Hani one day. It do not have to be long or anything like that, it just think that Hani should get a hard challenge.


        • 11 Ilyara
          May 2, 2010 at 13:14

          To me that didn’t seem like an easy fight, so I think a big part of this is a question of perception. Notwithstanding the fact, there are more polite ways to register an opinion than calling something childish :)

          I think the point some of the other posters are making is that this sort of issue has come up before, in earlier page discussions, and Nhani has explained herself in some detail. The action in this is meant to be fun and to introduce a new slant on the world we are all familiar with, but it’s always intended to serve the story and characterisation rather than become the focus itself.

          For this reader; a five page battle is plenty. In it we see Areen and Hani disarmed, Te’len contributing with her abilities, Te’len almost killed and our heroes winning through with intelligent teamwork and a dose of sheer crazy awesome.

          Considering the Shredder is a robotic suit with giant sawblades; making the fight “harder” would have only resulted in broken bones or death.

  3. 12 Gawriel
    April 29, 2010 at 22:36

    a lot of teeth on them goblins…

  4. 13 LolDrood
    April 29, 2010 at 23:43

    I want my own Areen to hug. :)

    Dunno, Te’len has almost been killed twice, now. And Hani’s gunna have major hand owies.

    That’s why ‘Land Shark’ is always a popular Halloween costume in Booty Bay, Gawriel.

    • 14 Ilyara
      April 30, 2010 at 01:44

      She is furiously adorable :3

      I love the way the Shredder animation is used as the punchline for this ^^ tres amusant. I’d like to also add that I think the lighting in the close up panels is great :)

      Smart nom ^^

  5. 15 saila aka wester
    April 30, 2010 at 07:14

    this is why saila is an gnomish engineer. well it least it dont work all the time but when it don´t at least you only find yourself in an minor annoyance for an short time and not blown up.
    ((state men requested that the user is equipment whit an parachute.))

  6. 16 Gordrake Thunderhoof
    April 30, 2010 at 09:43

    I never actually got to watch the death animation for Shredder, so this is part LOL value for me and part “WTF?! Really?” since I’m now going to storm Deadmines on my DK and give them hell to watch that end sequence (and to get the achievement on my DK for the Deadmines, of course). I’ve never noticed it at all before. Once. Which is weird for me since I usually miss nothing. Sad fact, though…most of the time I go through DM now, I’m in a group and they’re always in the way waiting for Sneed to come running at us with a vengeance.

    …he better not do that this time around. Hani’ll be playing Baseball with his skull – and her blade starring as the bat!

  7. 17 Jacob
    April 30, 2010 at 13:04

    Great comic as always :)

    Though, there is a little minor thing

    Pane 9, the shredder is tipping, and pane 10, it’s lying there.

    Am I the only one missing a ‘crunch’ sound when the shredder falls onto sneed?

    • 18 Nhani
      April 30, 2010 at 13:13

      Noticed in hindsight it really could’ve used a “I am now crashing unto the ground” sort of pane in-between there; it looked far too settled on the ground to have a crash, and the former is far too standing to imply it happens there.

      It’s effectively a case of planning not holding up to the final result – I did try to add a crash noise of sort, but it looked really out of place without clouds of dust and motion how the husk was impacting with the ground.

      • 19 Nirene Feathersong
        May 1, 2010 at 15:14

        Suggestion: Add wave animations from the game when making these fall scenes, like the AoE knockback effect from Princess Theradras in Maraudon, or maybe something smaller.

        • 20 Nhani
          May 1, 2010 at 15:51

          Unfortunately, spell effects are very rarely handled as actual entities with actual entity models; traps, entangling roots and so forth are because they have persistent, animated elements with multiple animations; your average spell effect however doesn’t at all work the same way – it often works more like a particle system, which means that a spell will essentially be a center point emitter and.. that’s about it. The whole particle spawn program is bound to the game engine itself.

          It’s the same way I can’t simply lift an explosion from the game – I have to make effects like that manually.

          There’s a reason my primary way of showing swift movement is still a motion blur effect added in Paint Shop Pro post render.

          • 21 Nirene Feathersong
            May 1, 2010 at 23:14

            Well, that’s a shame. If it at all were optional, it would be the best. To be honest, even a small gust of wind would be good enough for me, but lets leave this as it is and move on to the exciting next page. ;)

  8. 22 Expala
    April 30, 2010 at 17:04

    If Areen hadnt been wearing plate, she might have been blown apart from that explosion. Loving the page and cant wait for next update

  9. 23 Weertangel
    May 2, 2010 at 12:39

    “Flash if inspiration!”
    Nhani, i got the perfect idea if u gonna start a BtT store!!
    1st an Areen plush toy!! we’d all love it ;)
    2nd Te’len (in her dress with in a sexy pose) figurine!! says it all eh?
    3rd T-shirts of Hani beating Staghelm!! so we can share the epic moment with everyone!!
    i think u can think of the rest your self ;)

    • 24 Ilyara
      May 2, 2010 at 12:47

      Even if she were inclined, it would be impossible: as per the box of essential legalities.

      Nhani does this solely for her own and our enjoyment :)

  10. 25 grinboy
    May 3, 2010 at 06:03

    And this children the real evil villains don’t use giant robots…

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