By Nhani

Hani Foonmall

Once thought a rising star among the Night elven Sentinels, Hani is a young woman of imposing stature and immense martial capacity – but a lacking sense of discipline and inability to see the bigger picture. Dismissed from service by the High Priestess herself, Hani has taken to the road along with her friend Rei “Tiny”.

An assertive and straightforward woman who prefers action to words, Hani is nonetheless withdrawn and distant; hiding her troubles behind a relaxed approach and casual mannerisms.

Rei Tiny

Brash, loud and vocal, Rei “Tiny” makes a great deal of noise for one so small. Shrunken down to roughly 1/4’th scale through some unknown means, Rei seems more intent on relishing her condition than restoring herself to full size. A rebel without a cause, Rei can often be critical and contrary simply for its own sake.

Though often appearing blunt and rude, Rei is nonetheless a cunning and passionate soul who genuinely cares about the few she accepts as friends.

Te'len Nila

Childhood friend of Rei Tiny, Te’len Nila is a young druidess struggling to embrace the entirety of her calling. A gentle and caring individual dedicated to her path, Te’len has slowly come to accept that an appreciation for plantlife is only a fraction of what being a druid is all about.

Timid and resentful of violence, she’d prefer a world where everyone could solve their differences through dialogue.

A stalwart warrior of the Light and staunch defender of the weak, Areen is an officially recognized – but not always respected – gnomish Paladin. Though certainly capable, she is still a gnome to most eyes – and a renegade to most gnomes – something that too often leaves her not taken seriously.

A protector first and foremost, Areen will stand with her friends and allies through words and actions both.

High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind

As the High Priestess of Elune, Tyrande Whisperwind serves as the closest the Night Elves have to a chief of state – a position she has carried for nearly ten thousand years. Both loved and idolized by much of her followers for her compassion, courage and heroism, she has inspired many young women to join the Sentinels in defense of their people.

She is a passionate woman who puts very few things above the safety and guidance of her people – and whose patience still has its limits.

Raene Wolfrunner

A veteran Sentinel, Raene Wolfrunner has spent most of her life patrolling Ashenvale forest – to the point where she now commands nearly all of the Sentinel forces stationed there. A seasoned warrior who genuinely cares about those under her command, she’s not afraid of unconventional means if it keeps her subordinates alive.

Tough, practical and often cheerful, Raene nonetheless struggles with the burden of keeping the peace in Ashenvale forest – and keeping those she cares about alive in the process.

Paladin Delgren

A stalwart Paladin far from the Cathedral of Light, Delgren is a man caught in an alien culture, trying to represent his people and the Holy Light to the best of his abilities. Though he’s certainly gained the respect of the Sentinels that have fought aside him, his comparably limited height and age rarely pass unnoticed.

Though a good and valiant man, he is nonetheless frustrated over having to prove himself continously.



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