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Intermission: Noblegarden

So some of the coming pages rely fairly heavily on my importing a few buildings into 3ds to get a proper sort of backdrop to use, and with both people and things getting me all kinds of sidetracked and distracted lately, I haven’t quite got there yet. However, rather than skipping yet another update.. I had this idea, which is not exactly a page on its own, but seemed an interesting enough idea that I could put together in an appropriate amount of time.

I’ll try to put the first interior together by thursday so there can be a proper update then.


#187..? – “First Another Perilous Romp in Lair”

I know I’m a little late compared to the rest of the internet; this was entirely a pickup, so I had to form the whole thing from scratch over a set few hours.

It’s funny, up until now I’ve largely tried to avoid doing seasonal stuff because I felt it got in the way of what I was actually trying to do. I suppose two-three weeks of coughing my throat to ribbons may have eroded my judgement.


Random Filler Time

Right, as much as I hate to, I’ll be skipping this sunday update (but was convinced to insert a random filler instead just because) since I can’t seem to find the focus for it. Between having just moved back into my apartment, a whole lot of other small bothersome nitpicks and drowning in the ocean of information about Cataclysm, my concentration seems intent on blatantly refusing being anywhere near where I actually want it. I’ll sort it out for thursday. In the meantime, you get random image of appeasal as I try to conjure up and hammer out missing dialogue.


#15 – Intermission: “A Different Kind of Burning”


So, intermission, marked such because it’s a bit stretching towards character and continuity that Tiny’d be aware of the names of the top dogs in the Burning Legion, or their masterminding the Orcs arrival on Azeroth. Also another later-in-the-day update I know, with all the information and rumours and speculation and discussion going on about the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, my overall giddyness have been inhibiting most of my concentration. Wrath sounds like it will defenately be awesome, so I can scarcely wait for them to finish it.

For interesting trivia, while that is the model for Archimonde, neither Manaroth nor Sargeras have shown their faces in World of Warcraft so far, so it’s actually Magtheridon and a random Titan with the horns of a succubus added standing in for them. Furthermore, the tower of Althalaxx is standing in for the Twisting Nether (now why the twisting nether would look like the insides of an ominous tower I have no idea). This is actually the second time I make this intermission – the first incarnation was for the old Misadventures line and was significantly less expressive.


Update 2008-09-23: Due to a storm of automated spam comments appearing on this page (and this page only..) that the Akismet spam filter is failing to catch, I’m disabling comments on this particular page until further notice.


#06 – Intermission: “Onu Also Says”


So there was no update on thursday. Midweeks occasionally develop the off habit of being busy – much to my chagrin – and feeling positively dead didn’t exactly leave me in a position to be particularely giddy about comic-making. Schedule is still something afloat and that’ll probably be adjusted back and forth until I’ve got one I feel I can keep anyhow, so eh.

Another intermission, yes, I know. Sometimes you just get a great outtake sort of jest but don’t really have the space or continuity to insert it. Intermissions are good like that, since there’s the option to make pages that exist purely for a particular joke without having to come up with a new and innovative joke for every single page. While humour is important, having more legs to stand on than just that is helpful.


#02 – Intermission: “The Next Level”


The Next Level

Every so often, a page will step out of character or continuity to tell a particular joke, message or filler. To make them easier to spot, I’ll mark such pages as Intermissions.

This particular page has been on my mind for some time, to the point where I’d once considered letting Beyond the Tree start with it. In the end I didn’t, but I liked the idea of a mostly visual gag with a punchline enough to keep it around for some travel filler. The idea is that if longer distances take one or a few pages to get to, there’ll be some sense of distance; and such pages should preferably have more content than simply “We walk now”.


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